Stephen (Bass/Vocals)

Stephen started as drummer at secondary school, playing in school productions and local covers band, Men in Black.

After a couple of years he decided to trade in his drum kit for a bass guitar and immediately felt at home with this instrument, quickly progressing to playing 5 string basses. He also went on to learn rhythm guitar and some basic keyboards in order to help his understanding of music as a whole.

Stephen has performed with both originals and covers bands, spanning many genres from hard core thrash metal through to blues and pop.

He played in an originals and covers band with Nick and Matt (Rubber Love). Rubber Love became Jester after Alan Hargest joined as a guitarist. During the 1990s, they gigged and recorded around the Herefordshire and Worcestershire area playing at many pubs and festivals.

After a short hiatus Nick asked Stephen to join him in a personal music project after which he continued playing and joined a Herefordshire rock covers band The Blast. A year or so later he joined a Killers tribute band Sam’s Town and for a while continued to play in both bands until the commitment to Sam’s Town gigs meant he had to concentrate on the Killers music. In 2021 Sam’s Town folded.

That same year, Bec (Stephen’s wife) arranged a surprise to re-unite Stephen, Matt and Nick for a jam at Tower Studios, Pershore, and subsequently they decided to work together again and make some good music.

Sun Nation was formed .

Since then, Stephen has been asked to rejoin the The Blast alongside Alan and he continues to gig with them as well as Sun Nation.

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