About Sun Nation

Sun Nation is a rock band comprising three members, hailing from Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Their performances feature a blend of original and cover songs from rock, grunge, and pop genres, each played in a unique, adapted rock style that complements the band’s setup and instruments. This approach leads to innovative solutions, and challenges the band members to approach each song in a distinctive manner, setting them apart from standard covers bands.

The band members originally played together in their late teens and early twenties, before eventually parting ways to pursue different musical endeavours, including tributes, blues, original compositions, and standard covers bands. In 2021, they reunited for a jam session, which eventually led to a more structured collaboration, driven solely by their love of playing music. Unlike many bands, they exclusively selected songs they personally enjoyed, avoiding the tired and overused numbers.

In addition to their covers, they also resumed composing original material, as well as resurrecting some of their old songs from the 90s. With an emphasis on both playing and listening, Sun Nation delivers a diverse and high-quality rock set that is sure to please any audience.

Long live Sun Nation!