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Sun Nation is a rock band comprising three members, hailing from Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The band’s performances feature a blend of original and cover songs from rock, grunge, and pop genres, each played in a unique, adapted rock style that complements the band’s setup and instruments. This approach leads to innovative solutions, and challenges the band members to approach each song in a distinctive manner, setting them apart from standard covers bands. Read More »

Matt (Guitar/Vocals)

In secondary school, Matt began his journey with the guitar, but it wasn’t until he teamed up with Stephen in the late 1980s that his interest turned into a serious pursuit. What began as bedroom practices soon transformed into full-volume rehearsals with Nick on drums, leading to the formation of Rubber Love. While he briefly… Read More »

Nick (Drums/Vocals)

Nick Smith, a drummer known for his silliness and love of drums and vocals, doesn’t provide precise dates for his musical journey. His drumming passion started when his Auntie Cath gifted him a toy snare drum for Christmas, which he promptly broke due to his heavy hitting nature. In the late 80s, Nick joined his… Read More »